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There’s a lot to love about your smile and we know that a confident smile is essential to any event. So why not make sure that your teeth are as white and bright as possible? The use of whitening products is on the rise with Americans spending over 1 billion dollars on whitening products each year.

Lifestyle habits, like regular coffee drinking, can cause teeth to become stained or discolored. Whitening strips are a convenient and effective whitening treatment that can be used in the comfort of your home. But does this quick fix come at a cost?

Your teeth have three layers—enamel, dentin, and connective tissue. The dentin layer has a high protein level, including several collagen proteins, and whitening strips can cause protein weakness. Dentin is critical to supporting and strengthening enamel because it provides protection for the outer layers against tartar buildup, acids, and food particles that chip away at teeth over time.

Whitening strips are coated with a thin layer of hydrogen peroxide. While hydrogen peroxide is an effective whitening tool, studies show that this chemical can shrink the valuable proteins found in the dentin layers causing increased tooth sensitivity and weakening the protective barrier your teeth have against harmful bacteria.

Even if you take the risk and try out these home-based strip methods, they can only do so much for your teeth. If you have crowns, fillings, or bridges, whitening strips will not change the color of your teeth. In these cases, you should speak to your dentist about professional whitening treatments to achieve you desired results.

Your dental professional has the knowledge and experience to perform your whitening treatment safely and effectively. By visiting a dental office for teeth whitening, you can avoid irritated gums and sensitive teeth caused by at-home whitening strips.

The best and safest way to maintain a white smile is by following the oral hygiene routine prescribed by your dentist. With consistent brush and flossing plus regular dental checkups, you can prevent many stains from even appearing on your teeth.

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