Welcome to 2023! While it’s always great to set resolutions like eating healthier and exercising more, let’s not forget about our oral health too. Flossing is one of the easiest ways to protect your teeth and gums for long-term good health – yet so many of us fail to make it a part of our daily routine until it’s too late and you have a cavity or decaying teeth. This year, why not make flossing more often one of your top priorities? Here are 4 terrific reasons why you should start making flossing more a part of your life in the New Year!

  1. Improved Oral Hygiene: Flossing is a vital part of oral hygiene and helps to remove plaque buildup and prevent cavities from forming. It is important to reach areas between the teeth and along the gum line.  Food particles and bacteria that stick around due to lack of flossing can cause bad breath. A twice-a-day flossing routine will help to keep your teeth and gums healthy. If you’re not flossing regularly, this New Year is the perfect time to start! Flossing daily can help reduce the risk of gum disease, bad breath, and tooth decay.
  2. Reduced Risk of Other Health Problems: If you have good oral hygiene, you are taking care of your overall health better than you may realize. Flossing can help reduce your risk of other health problems, such as stroke or heart attack. Not brushing and flossing can put more than just your oral health at risk. Bacteria in the mouth that is not removed through brushing and flossing can enter the bloodstream and cause inflammation elsewhere in the body, leading to serious health issues. Another thing to look out for when you don’t floss is those hard to reach areas in the back of the mouth, where a lot of dental problems can arise. Flossing helps you reach these areas to remove plaque and bacteria that can lead to cavities and other problems.
  3. Improved Self-Confidence: With improved oral health, comes improved self-confidence! Periodontal disease can cause receding gums and other issues that can be embarrassing to have and can affect your appearance. Flossing regularly can also make your teeth whiter, making you look and feel your best. A confident smile is something everyone should strive for, so don’t let plaque build up keep you from feeling your best! Regular flossing can give you the confidence boost you need in 2023!
  4. Save Money: Flossing regularly can save you money in the long run. By taking preventative care of your teeth now, you can avoid costly dental bills from cavities and gum disease down the road. Not to mention the hospital bills that could arise from the serious health issues mentioned previously. Regular flossing also helps to prevent tartar buildup, which can lead to more expensive treatments. So make it a priority this year!

Flossing is an important part of proper oral hygiene that should not be overlooked. Making flossing a priority this New Year will help you achieve better oral health, save money, and improve your self-confidence. Start the New Year off right – commit to flossing more!

Published On: January 1st, 2023Categories: Dental Tips