Can I Trust Teeth Whitening Products?

Can I Trust Teeth Whitening Products?

Teeth whitening is safe when it is properly conducted. The doctors at Embrace Dental advise speaking with your dentist before starting a whitening treatment at home, to ensure it is a viable path for your smile. Before purchasing a tooth whitening product from the drugstore or online, we suggest steering clear of products with high charcoal or bleach concentration. These products are harmful to gum health and can strip the essential enamels from your teeth. We recommend choosing a product with less than ten percent bleach concentration, to prevent erosion.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Unfortunately, many at home kits can increase tooth or gum sensitivity in patients. In fact, what works for your favorite TikTok influencer is not always the ideal solution for your smile or oral health. Because these products are standardized, whitening strips fail to properly fit every smile. Using trays that do not fit properly can cause significant gum irritation, even while using “safe” teeth-whitening products. Ensure your strips fit properly to avoid increasing your chances of gingivitis!

Whitening Worthwhile

Professional teeth whitening services utilize technology that is safe, effective, and supervised by a dental professional. In most cases, it is worth the extra cost to visit the dentist to get long-lasting, individualized results. Who wouldn’t want to achieve measurable results, with the piece of mind that your enamel and oral hygiene are not being detrimentally impacted?

In addition to the numerous safety benefits, professional teeth whitening occurs much faster than the multiple kits often required to achieve and maintain whitening from at-home solutions. Likewise, at-home kits often have inconsistent results depending on the individual’s teeth and oral health. Accelerate the process with our team of professionals, based in Sparks, NV!

Your favorite celebrity smile likely uses professional whitening treatments, veneers, or crowns to achieve their pearly whites. At Embrace Dental, we offer a couple varieties of whitening options, that achieve varying durations of whiteness. Luckily for you, we are here to help our patients achieve their dream smile and maintain its upkeep.

Embrace Your Smile

At Embrace Dental, we understand your desire to have a bright smile that you can be proud of. Many people are not happy with the color of their teeth, and most of the time it is the result of poor dental hygiene. However, we understand you may take care of your teeth the best you can yet still cannot achieve the white smile you desire. Our In-Office Whitening Process Is Your Solution.
When you visit our office in Sparks, NV we can brighten your current smile several shades brighter. Whether you want a small improvement to the brightness of your smile, or want a complete overhaul of the color of your teeth, we will work with you and give you our professional recommendation based on your specific needs. Our process is successful and efficient. Here’s how it works:

  1. We start with a high-quality dental image of your smile and make a record of your current shade.
  2. Once you have chosen your desired shade, we will explain to you how many treatments the entire process will take.
  3. We will prepare for the whitening process by polishing your teeth to remove any plaque from the enamel and applying gauze to your mouth to keep your mouth and teeth dry during the process.
  4. We will then apply the whitening solution to the front surface of your teeth and may require the use of a curing light that helps activate the solution.
  5. Once your desired shade is reached, we rinse your mouth and may apply a fluoride application to ease tooth sensitivity.

Our Tooth Technology

Embrace Dental is proud to be a certified GLO Science dental practice, offering our patients the very best teeth whitening experience and results available anywhere with faster appointments, superior results, and no sensitivity. We offer a variety of GLO teeth whitening options that fit your lifestyle and whitening needs, available exclusively through certified practices like ours. Let us help you reach your full smile potential and customize the best whitening treatment for you.

Get dramatically whiter teeth in under 16-minutes in style and comfort – and without pain! The GLO whitening mouthpiece uses a patented combination of warming heat and light technology to speed up the whitening process for safe, clinically proven, professional whitening results with no sensitivity. A beautiful, healthy, white smile has the power to change your life and make you GLO- inside and out.

Boost your confidence in your smile by contacting Embrace Dental to book your appointment today!