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As people age, it becomes more difficult to practice proper oral health and hygiene. This difficulty is compounded by the teeth themselves, which naturally wear down over time. If a tooth weakens too much, suffers from decay, or experiences an infection, it can damage the overall structure.

Once the structure becomes damaged, it is time for a dental crown. A crown is a cap that sits on top of the tooth and holds together the enamel and internal structure. At Embrace Dental in Sparks, NV, are crowns are so well-made and precise that they function as the regular tooth surface. Our office offers same day crowns – you can learn more about this procedure by going to our service page about same day crowns.

Who Needs a Crown?

When you schedule a regular checkup with our dentist, they will perform a thorough visual and tactile exam of the teeth and gums. During this appointment, our dentist will be able to determine whether or not you need a crown by examining the structure of your teeth. X-rays may also be taken at your checkup.

Adults and elders are more likely to need a dental crown than teenagers or children. Crowns are meant for patients who have damaged their teeth to the point where it cannot hold itself together without assistance. Individuals who have needed root canals are likely candidates, as are people who have severe chips and cracks on individual teeth.

The Benefits

Many of our patients chose to receive crowns from Embrace Dental because of our emphasis on quality and comfort. A well-made crown sits properly in the mouth and is indistinguishable from the surface of a regular tooth. This means our patients experience benefits like:

  • Being able to eat and chew without pain
  • Preventing further damage to the tooth
  • Having a synthetic cap indistinguishable from real teeth

Individuals who receive a crown in the early stages of tooth decay are statistically more likely to not need future procedures like tooth extraction and the placing of dental implants. For more information, schedule an appointment in Sparks, NV today.

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