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Our teeth aren’t flat objects with perfect shapes. Molars and premolars, in particular, have grooves in them. These grooves occur naturally in all people and aren’t a sign of anything bad. They’re just how molars and premolars are. Bacteria consider these grooves to be good news because they’re spots where they can hide from your toothbrush.

Why is this bad? Well, the longer bacteria linger on a tooth, the more damage they can cause. Here at Embrace Dental, we particularly worry about bacteria turning these natural grooves into unhealthy cavities.

How Do Sealants Help?

Sealants are applied to teeth in order to even out these grooves, thereby eliminating any spaces where bacteria can set up camp. It’s not just bacteria, but sealants are also protective against food and plaques getting into these tiny irregularities in a person’s teeth.

Should Everyone Get Sealants?

The answer is no, not necessarily. Sealants are a method of prevention rather than treatment. They’re mostly recommended for use in children between the ages of 6 to 14 years. The rationale here is that 6 to 14 is the age where children are most likely to develop cavities. Sealants last between 5 and 10 years, so your children might need them to be applied twice during that period of time.

Adults can also get sealants, although it’s not very common. Those who have healthy teeth and wish to keep them that way can get sealants to even out the depressions in their molars.

Application of Sealants

Applying sealants is very easy for us here at Embrace Dental in Sparks, NV. We’ll start by cleaning your premolars and molars carefully then applying a special type of gel to them for a couple of seconds. We will then clean the teeth and dry them before we apply the sealant into the groove. The sealant won’t adhere to your teeth on its own, though. Applying a certain kind of light for about half a minute in order to make it stick is the final step.

The entire process is painless and doesn’t take much time. Rest assured that no drilling or anything else is done to the teeth to which the sealant will be applied. Our aim is to preserve the teeth and prevent them from any potential future damage.

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