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Embrace Dental can restore a mouthful or just a few missing teeth. Our Sparks, NV dental office offers patients the option of restoring teeth with partial or full dentures. We pride ourselves in using high-quality dental material to guarantee a complete, natural smile that feels comfortable.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are used to fill in the gaps left when multiple teeth are missing, but you have the majority of teeth still left. Partial dentures anchor to the teeth using clasps and are removable. If you believe that partial dentures may be needed, you should schedule an appointment with our expert dental team.

Full Set of Dentures

If a patient has lost all or nearly all of their teeth, a full set of dentures may be recommended at our Sparks, NV dental office. While partial dentures are anchored using adjacent teeth, full dentures utilize the suction made between the gums and the foundation of the dentures to stay in place. To ensure that the dentures stay in place, some patients strengthen the bond by using dental adhesives.

If you or a loved one are missing a large portion of teeth, do not let it take over your life. At Embrace Dental, we are here to provide compassionate, comprehensive care to restore your smile to what it used to be or even to a better version.

Denture Care

Dentures should be removed when going to sleep. They are kept clean using a special brush and stored in a cleaning solution. It is important to keep dentures moist to ensure that they remain comfortable.

Dentures are not a suitable solution for all patients. While Embrace Dental provides only dental-grade dentures, it is possible that some patients may feel that dentures do not work for them. If you feel that this is the case, our office has skilled dentists who can perform implants for a permanent, non-removable solution to missing teeth. Talk to our team about the pros and cons of dentures versus implants if you are worried about getting dentures.

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