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Although we take pride in restorative and preventive dentistry, we at Embrace Dental in Sparks, NV also know that having a smile you can be proud of is important to many of our patients. People are besieged by images of models, actors, and celebrities with perfect teeth, which takes a toll on self-confidence and esteem. If you live in Sparks, NV and would like to change or improve the look of your smile, contact Embrace Dental today for a smile makeover.

The Procedures Available

Our educated and skilled staff are capable of performing a broad range of cosmetic treatments, so you have numerous options available. These procedures focus on making minor physical changes that do not affect the function of your teeth, but which can improve their appearance. Some of the ones we offer include:

  • Porcelain veneers
  • Teeth whitening
  • Filling replacement
  • Crown replacement
  • Invisalign®️
  • Dental implants

You can choose your treatments or ask your dentist to recommend options based on the current health of your teeth.

Before the makeover begins, we strongly recommend you speak to your insurance provider. Some companies are willing to cover cosmetic procedures, while others prefer not to do so. If you are unsure about coverage, you can create your plan with us and then return another day to discuss changes and its implementation.

How Long Is a Makeover?

Again, each makeover is individualized, and there is no universal length of time that the treatment will take. Some patients can have the makeover completed in a single appointment, while others will take 18 months because they want orthodontic treatment. The average smile makeover takes between two and three appointments, though, or roughly two months of treatment.

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