Therapeutic Botox

Services for TMJ Reno and Sparks

“Botox can work as a dental treatment for those who suffer from facial pain caused by migraines, headaches, stress or TMJ syndrome. An FDA approved purified protein, Botox works like a therapeutic muscle relaxant to ease tension in the facial area. Botox can significantly treat conditions that cause facial pain by reducing muscle contractions.”

Therapeutic Botox Reno-Sparks

Botox therapeutic dentistry is a treatment practice that is done by our Reno and Sparks NV dentist, Dr. Megan Dinh, to help with TMJ symptoms and pain. While known for immobilizing the facial muscles that cause wrinkles, botox also works to relax muscles in the jaw and relieve some of the most common symptoms, including grinding and clenching of your teeth.

In this process, our dentist in Sparks administers a few botox injections to relax your jaw muscles, relieving symptoms for several weeks. The injections only take a few minutes and you should start to feel relief within a week.

If you are still looking for relief from TMJ in Reno and Sparks, but are not ready for a botox injection, visit the professionals at the Embrace Dental office. We can discuss alternative treatments, including night guards, restoration and orthodontics.

What is TMJ?

Do you ever wake up with an ache or stiffness in your jaw? TMJ, referring to the temporomandibular joint, is the joint on either side of the skull that allows for movement in the jaw. When this joint becomes misaligned, the stress and imbalance often result in a temporomandibular disorder, or TMD.

Often, TMD is caused due to teeth grinding or clenching, which can result in inflammation or chronic pain in the jaw. Other symptoms include:
• Difficulty or discomfort when chewing or biting down
• Dull pain in the face
• Popping or clicking noise when opening and closing mouth
• Migraines or headaches
• Jaw, neck and shoulder pain
• Ringing in the ears
• Tooth sensitivity to warm or cold temperatures
• Difficulty opening the mouth to its full extent

When left untreated, the grinding and clenching associated with TMD may cause permanent damage to your teeth, jaw, and gums. However, simple dental orthopedic procedures can help address the issue. Contact us today at Embrace Dental to discuss TMJ/TMD with our dentist in Sparks and Reno