We all know that proper oral hygiene should start as early as possible. However, most people don’t know the right age when they should start seeing a dentist. In this article, we will discuss more about children’s dentistry so that you can be fully prepared when the time comes.

Typically, it is recommended that your child should see a dentist when your baby is about six months. By the time a kid is six months old, the first tooth is most cases, has developed. The latest date you can see the dentist is when your kid is one year.

What to Expect During the First Visit

The first visit is usually short and informal. It is more of getting to know each other than anything else. Depending on your kid’s age, the dentist may ask you to hold her as he pokes around her mouth. If the child is comfortable enough, the dentist may ask you to wait in the waiting room as he examines her.

The dentist will look for any decay, check her jawbone as well as the gums. If the dentist notices any problem, he will address it accordingly.

Sometimes, the dentist may provide a fluoride treatment, or he may save it for the second visit. The dentist will then discuss several things with you during this visit. Some of the topics you might discuss are give below.

Good oral hygiene for your kid and the right brushing techniques can be discussed. Your dentist will teach you the right brushing techniques and recommend the right products for your child. He/she will also teach you some tips on how to prevent cavities, which most children are prone to while growing up.

The dentist will discuss if it is necessary to have it right away or during the second visit. He will also advise you on the right measurements you should give to your child.

You will discuss oral habits of your kids. You can also ask tips about how to stop certain behaviors like lip and thumb sucking.

Teething and proper nutrition is a common issue for kids. Make sure you discuss that with your dentist. Your dentist may also have ideas on how to handle the situation.

You will discuss a plan on how often you should visit him. Most dentists recommend six months. These checkups are important since you get to preserve the health of your kid’s teeth, and the child builds up trust with her dentist over time.

The dentist will ask you many questions about your kid’s health, so come prepared.

Protect Your Child’s Teeth at Home

Dental treatment is important, but it doesn’t mean that the dentist is the one who does all the work. In fact, it is you who does most of the things. The dentist is there to guide you. These tips can help you take even better care of your kid’s oral hygiene:

  • Clean your kid’s gums with a soft damp cloth at least twice a day even before baby teeth come in.
  • Help your kid brush her teeth until she is around seven or eight
  • Limit foods that promote tooth decay, such as snacks and sugary drinks.
  • Provide your child with a proper diet from a young age.

Use a soft-bristled brush to brush your child’s baby teeth. Add a small amount of fluoride toothpaste (size of a grain of rice) when brushing. Don’t panic even if she swallows some of the fluoride toothpaste because such a small amount can’t cause her teeth any damage.

How to Choose the Right Dentist

Commonly, most people take their kids to their dentists. In most cases, this is usually a good choice. However, not all dentists are capable of dealing with small children. That’s why it is essential you go for an experienced dentist.

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